times of india bangalore contact

times of india bangalore contact details


Mr. Sanjay Vasudeva
E-mail: sanjay.vasudeva@indiatimes.co.in

Mr. Prashanth Rao
Tel: +91-80-25320600 Fax:+91-80-25320600
E-mail: prashanth.rao@indiatimes.co.in

Mr. Malar Vannan
Tel: +91-98867 89209 / +91-80-40876712 Fax:+91-80-25320600
E-mail: malar.vannan@indiatimes.co.in

Mr. Parivartan Kukreti
Tel: +91-97315 63314 / +91-80-40876713 Fax: +91-80-25320600
E-mail: parivartan.kukreti@indiatimes.co.in

Times Internet Ltd.
# 17, Du Parc Trinity, 9th Floor,
MG Road, Bangalore -560001
Ph: +91-80-40876710


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